after-hour shopping mall
np3 groningen


made possible with the generous support of: Stroom, Stichting Sem Presser, Kunstraad Groningen, NP3

exhibition of the series after-hour shopping mall, the floating population, and skies over beijing
size 10 x 4 x 4 meters

'Nadine creates a visual and tangible link between the upcoming massive consumerism in China and the rising numbers of migrant workers at the foundation of China’s economic progression. With her own sharp witted vision, she builds bridges between tradition and innovation, between western ideals and the modern Chinese society.

The series After-Hour Shopping Mall and Skies over Beijing are silent witnesses to the great march of consumerism and economic progression in China.
While the work, Skies over Beijing is a symbol of over two decades of development and metamorphosis of the capital city, the space-filling photographic sculpture After-Hour Shopping Mall alternatively represents the contemporary proliferation of shopping malls patterned after Western ideals.

In After-Hour Shopping Mall, the visitor is under the illusion that they are in an extremely luxurious shopping paradise after closing time, where an old Chinese tradition – the protection of possessions by covering them with assorted fabrics – obviously still has a place in the present.

Although the practice of using textile to cover up goods in luxurious department stores seems useless and decorative, it is a necessity in The Floating Population.
In this “take-along” print work, Nadine shows the personal possessions of the floating population – workers who migrate towards or through China’s major cities en masse looking for jobs all year round.
The blanket that provides warmth at night, is tied using a few knots into a portmanteau for personal possessions'.

review by annie goodner

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